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Why your dog eat grass ? and how yo stop your dog from eating grass ?

Obviously, your beloved dog companion is not a cow. You can be confused when you see him eating grass. You can also be worried. He is hungry? Boredom? The illness? Will his grass be eaten?
First, rest assured that your anxiety is not the only one, especially if your dog is eating grass and is vomiting.

Pica is the technical term used to describe the disorder characterized by the consumption of non-food foods. Sometimes, the pica indicates that the dog suffers from a type of undernourishment, although this is often just a sign of boredom, especially when it is practiced by dogs and younger dogs.

In fact, dogs that manage grass are quite common (they have also been observed in wild dogs and can be quite normal). This type of bica does not usually cause many problems. In fact, most veterinarians feel that their dog’s behavior is normal. A small study of 49 dog owners whose dogs could regularly access grass and other plants revealed that 79% of dogs had eaten plants at some time. Another survey of dogs that ate plants revealed that grass was the most common plant.

Why does my dog ​​eat grass?
There are a variety of reasons why your dog can graze in his garden.
Some people suggest that dogs feed on grass when they feel uncomfortable when they vomit and then feel better. Others complain about this idea, arguing that dogs have not proven to be smart enough to make the decision to treat stomach upset by eating grass.

Evidence suggests that most dogs that eat grass are not good before, or at least they do not look that way. In fact, less than 10% of dogs appear to be sick before eating grass, according to their owners. Eating weeds generally does not lead to an outbreak: less than 25% of grass-eating dogs vomit regularly after grazing.
The improvement of digestion, the treatment of intestinal worms or the satisfaction of certain dietary needs, including the need for fiber, could also be the cause of the ingestion of dogs. A published study reports that a small dog eats grass and then vomits every day for seven years. Three days after putting the dog on a high-fiber diet, the owner reported that the dog had stopped eating grass completely. Of course, it is also possible that your dog simply likes the taste or feel of the grass.

Should I prevent my dog ​​from eating grass? If so, how?
If you suspect your dog is eating grass because he is bored, it can be helpful to make sure he gets enough exercise. Imply it in some recreational activities. Try launching a frisbee or playing another interactive game with it, or buy a solid chew game to keep it occupied.
The likelihood that your Becca dog’s behavior is the cause of malnutrition, switching to better dog food, especially a wide variety of fiber, can help alleviate the problem.
Although most experts agree that grazing is not harmful in itself, it should be borne in mind that some herbicides and pesticides used in pastures can be completely toxic, especially if they are taken. In addition, there are a number of domestic plants and toxic vegetables, which can cause problems if the dog chews them near the grass. To make sure that the plants in and around the area where your dog eats grass are safe, visit the ASPCA Anti-Poison Center website, which contains a list of poisonous and non-toxic plants.

5 Ways to Stop Your Dog from Eating Grass

  1. Make your water park BACKYARD!
    Create a DIY spray in your garden and let the dog go crazy! Invite friends and make a concert.
  2. Help your cat take refuge
    Dogs do not just have fun outdoors in summer. Cats can also experience nature, a safe place, such as a sundeck, or go on a leash. To start, watch this video for safety tips, then read the tutorial here.
  3. Treat your dog to COOL SNOL
    The heat can make even the happiest dog fall. Therefore, it is important that pet owners find ways to cool their dogs on hot days. Ice cubes are a delight to cool off, or try Frosty Paws® for an excellent treatment of proteins, vitamins and minerals without adding sugar, artificial flavors or colorants.
  4. Make your animals exposed to the heat of heat.
    Even indoors, temperatures can be high for pets! Cool your cat or dog with style making it a refreshing throne. Simply take a box the size of your pet, an ice pack, a sock and a towel. Place the cooling pad in the sock under the towel and you’re ready to start. Decorate the box with the technical supplies you have on hand. Ready!
    This game is fun for dogs and cats! Start by choosing an item to hide (for dogs, try to treat it), like the ‘Train Chicken Jerky Curls of Waggin’, for cats, a game full of catnip. Let the animals smell what you want and then hide them in increasingly difficult places to find your pet. The survey will attract the most beautiful places in your home.
    Why eat a vintage pet?
    It is strange that many pet owners see their dogs or cats making the cows graze on the grass. In fact, eating jellyfish in the garden is not unusual for pets and can be used for something.
    If your pet is still eating grass, consult your veterinarian. You may have to choose a different food or buy a variety of wheat or oat herbs. We recommend that you give your pet a herbaceous plant in a closed area instead of leaving it to paste, as many people treat their promoter with insecticides or herbicides. You do not want to sponsor your pet with these animals!

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