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Why Do Dogs Licks Other Dogs Anus

It could be so funny sometimes

The probably explanation for the licker’s recent attraction to the lickee’s anus is that the lickee’s anal sac organs became significantly active in manufacturing the anal gland exudate that dogs find so tasty. These glands are the “scent” glands of dogs – appreciate those of skunks, but dogs have no control of their anal sac glands unlike skunks – the exudate tends to be expressed upon every bowel movement or fast motion/startle in our dogs. Check the lickee’s anus space – any inflammation or wound – particularly infected – would be enticing to the licker still.
As has been expressed many times by others, they lick their own anuses as a cleaning process. They only smell the anus of other dogs.
There’s associate exception though as was once more already mentioned. The mother dog can lick the anus of her puppies to stimulate the anal muscles. Otherwise, the puppies can’t have a bowel movement.
The mother additionally can lick every puppy’s whole body at birth to interrupt and take away the amnionic sacs. Once removed she’s going to keep licking the total body (including the anus) to get rid of the surplus fluids.
When my 1st dog had pups, I was so amazed at the level of care she gave them. I was solely a child and it absolutely was thus academic.
In my experience there is not so much licking as there is sniffing.
Exquisitively sensitive to pheromones, both male and female dogs will sniff the rump area because that is where those pheromones are produced (anal glands and the urogenital tract). Dogs will get a pretty good idea of the health of the other dog as well as determine if the female is receptive (in estrus).
When scents are faint, a dog can actually allow their nose to drip freely, allowing for some of the faint odors to be absorbed by the liquid and thus detected better by the dog doing the sniffing.

How dogs and cat communicate

Dogs and cats communicate through odors. At the end, the dog has the anal glands. The secretions of the anal glands are free by the dog once voiding, or by rubbing the anus on objects. They serve different purposes:
Formation of an individual odor for the mutual identification of the individuals (“anal face”)
Mark the territory
Signaling of mating readiness by secreting pheromones
For easier excretion of solid feces (as “lubricant”)

Why Femal dogs lick their puppies anuses

Female dogs lick their puppies’ anuses because they need to be stimulated to poop when they are that small. Otherwise, they would die. Normally, adult dogs do not lick anuses, but only sniff, because it is a way of one dog assessing the condition of the other. If you see an adult dog licking another adult dog’s anus, it is most likely a female exhibiting maternal behavior.

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