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What to do when your dog cries at night

When your dog cries during the night

When your dog barks, cries or moans during the night, this is usually an interesting scream, especially in the first few nights in a new home. Being in an unfamiliar environment for the first time can be a bit embarrassing, confusing and lonely for your newly adopted dog, but it is important to make sure that you do not promote these behaviors.

Making sure your dog has a warm and comfortable place to sleep, like a bed in the laundry or bathroom, is a good place to start.

If you pet your dog every time you bark at night, reward your behavior by paying attention. Dissatisfaction with the reprimand will also increase the anxiety and distress of the puppy. On the other hand, you should also avoid calming the dog, as this can teach him that he will be interested when he barks.

Although at the beginning you can spend many nights without sleep, it is better to ignore barking and nocturnal descents. As long as the dog is comfortable, it will not suffer and this behavior should only continue to attract attention for a short time.

If the barking or groaning continues, walk slowly to the closed door and secure the silent passage through the door. Do not open the door till the dog is calm. When this happens, open the door and congratulate them very much.

Do not reward them for barking, but the dog should be rewarded for calming their calm. Your dog will link the bonus to everything he does, so be calm before giving him your full attention.

Soon, your dog will learn to sleep through the night without getting hurt. If the behavior persists, contact your veterinarian or canine behavior specialist for advice.

Other reasons why a dog can not sleep.

The puppies are alone

If you recently have a new puppy, do not be surprised if he has trouble sleeping the first night. He used to rub shoulders with his mother and colleagues in the trash and now, in a completely new environment, it would take him a while to adjust. Also, if you put it in a box or in an isolated room away from your comforting existence, you will even feel the loneliness that will manifest itself when barking, moaning and scratching towards the box, the door or anything else. Barrier that prevents you from approaching you.

What to do: To help your new puppy, keep the bag of your car near your bed until you know it is at hand. This is just a temporary adjustment to help you better manage your unit the first few nights. After that, the background can gradually drift away and more and more and more. Some breeders recommend that the puppies sleep again next to a watch that simulates the heartbeat of a mother’s dog and a bottle full of warm water wrapped in a blanket to imitate the heat of the coworkers and the lamentations. .

The father showed energy.

Then, he leaves most of the day leaving his pet alone and, when he returns to the party, his dog becomes a puppy in motion, in a perpetual movement. Do not be surprised if you have problems breastfeeding after sleeping. Most likely he has slept most of the day awaiting his return, and now that he is home, he can not help himself. We can not blame him. Maybe your needs for exercise and mental stimulation are not satisfied and, in addition to the enthusiasm to see you again, the last thing you want to do is sleep.

What to do: an animal caretaker or a dog can help you fill and accompany you during the day. A solidary daycare is another option. Walking before going to work and returning, as well as challenging psychological games in your absence, can also help.

Waste at night

Countless people report that their dogs are awake at the speed of the night, moaning and acting as if they were seeing a ghost or witnessing a strange paranormal activity. In fact, these dogs often interact with the noise that humans can not hear. Most likely, some nocturnal creatures that live under the bridge or in your attic receive all their pets. It is likely that your dog barks and complains and is frustrated by his inability to hunt the creature. Common creatures that like to share their house and can be active at night include mice, bats, raccoons, squirrels and a ghost.

What to do: Ask your pest inspector to check your home to see if there are any.

Emotional disorder

Moving to a new home or having more guests can be an overwhelming experience for your dog. New odors, new functions and new sounds can cause important interruptions in your dog’s sensitive routine. The frightened dog can not relax, and when Vido can not relax, he can not get his good dose of ZZZ. The same form of insomnia can affect the dog if it is afraid of thunder or other noises. This is a natural reaction to the situation because fear triggers the secretion of hormones that cause a fight or flight reaction and puts it on high alert.

What to do: invest in public services such as DAP editors, listen to soothing music on the radio and try to calm dog with cbd oils We believe that homeowners can effectively alleviate their dogs’ anxiety regarding herbal supplements without the use of antihistamines such as divenidramine.

Physical problems

If your dog usually sleeps during the night and suddenly starts to get up from the blue and wakes up all night without any change in their environment, you may want to check if something is wrong with the health department. Does your dog often practice licking the joints or a part of your body? If this is the case, a painful, irritated or painful area should be examined. Are you a dog running nervously and running? It can be an emergency medical condition where these symptoms can be swelling. Does the dog have saliva flowing and slapping his lips? You may suffer from a type of digestive disorder. Does your dog constantly ask to go out at night? It can be a urinary tract infection, a digestive problem or a disease of the kidneys or bladder.

What to do: Have your dog check your veterinarian.

side effects

Last but not least, any medication that you offer your dog can contribute to sleepless nights. Steroids are a possible example because they are known to cause many side effects in dogs, including increased alcohol consumption, urination, insomnia and insomnia. If you give your dog the medication, check the list of side effects for signs of nervousness, nervousness and insomnia.

What to do: Contact your veterinarian and report the side effects you observed. They will be able to assess the situation and advise you on what to do.

Bottom line

Your dog may have good reasons for not being able to sleep. Insomnia in dogs is usually a short-term problem that subsides once the underlying problems are resolved. Do not try to ignore the problem in the hope that it will disappear on its own. Your dog’s insomnia can be an important test of your health and well-being and emotional.

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