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What are the health risks if your dog ate a plastic ?

This is a call often received by veterinarians. “my dog eat plastic … Can dogs digest in stomach plastic?”

“The dog ate a plastic bag, would he go through the next saddle?”

“My dog ​​ate plastic wrap, would that cause a twisting of his intestines?”

“dog eat plastic, do I have to throw it away?”

The important question is whether dogs can eat plastic – can they digest certain plastics?

Unfortunately, dogs can digest plastic and therefore should not eat it. However, dogs can be very sneaky when it comes to chewing things that do not need to be chewed.

You may not know that your dog is eating plastic until he passes a small object in his stool, can not eat and / or starts throwing. This often indicates intestinal obstruction.

Depending on the size and type of the plastic object the dog is eating, the position may be early or impossible.

You may be able to motivate your dog to postpone a soft / soft plastic object (on recommendation of the veterinarian).

Or you may need to bring your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible to remove the larger / sharper object.

In this article, we will guide you to the types of plastic items that dogs eat a lot.

We will discuss what happens if the dog eats plastic and manages to swallow it.

Then give you advice to quickly get the proper care and know how you can prevent a similar problem in the future.

My dog ​​is eating plastic – why is he doing it?

If you use any type of social networking platform, you have probably seen shameful posts on every dog.

Owners publish photos of their beloved pets with a sign indicating something embarrassing or amusing that has been eaten or chewed.

Dogs chew or absorb extraterrestrial beings for various reasons.

As parents in Labrador and other “easy to hear” breeds know, some dogs chew and / or eat what they can find. Just because they thought it was fun!

It is important to give them lots of chewing games and to interact or train with them enough. Dogs who do not like to be trapped at home will find something to enjoy.

Unfortunately, many affordable home appliances are a dog trouble.

This is especially true with large breeds that can easily reach the tables of the dining room or even the kitchen counter!

My dog ​​ate plastic because of undernourishment?
Sometimes the act of eating non-edible things is called “pica”.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, some dogs (and even cats) can eat inedible things because they lack certain nutrients in their diet.

Although this has not been proven by scientific studies, the reason could also be that some animal species feed on their own faeces.

We have seen horses chew wood or eat faeces when they lack nutrients from fresh green grass. This is usually seen in winter, especially if it is not equipped with high quality straw.

My dog ​​ate the plastic compulsively?

According to the Merck Veterinary Guide, some dogs have unusual manic behaviors as a way to manage anxiety or stress, such as separation anxiety.

They adopt normal physical behaviors, such as chewing something or eating, and begin to adopt this behavior in a manic way to calm down.

For example, some freshly weaned pups (and cats) will absorb blankets or other soft materials in order to release the same endorphins that “feel comfortable” are released when they fall ill from their mothers.

My dog ​​ate plastic when he was teething
This can be the most obvious reason to chew non-edible things: the teething of a puppy!

Puppies that do not have a proper chew game will find solace in everything they can get. Hard plastic can be the sweet thing you decide to chew!

That’s why it’s especially important that you hunt puppies when you can not control them.

My dog ​​ate plastic because he was hungry?
Some dogs have an appetite that does not seem to have a bottom. It turns out that Santa is not the only one to love desserts.

If you leave plastic containers on the counter, whether full or empty, a hungry dog ​​with a powerful body will surely find it.

It is enough to ask everyone who left last night’s stock or a Tupperware container full of cookies!

Pubs on dogs can be fun and some hungry or excessive dogs have a reason to look for something to chew on.

However, the dog that grabs a strange object is certainly not a laughing matter!

We will discuss later in this article the different levels of health risks that can occur when a dog swallows a plastic toy or a dog swallows plastic bags, for example.

What plastic objects do dogs chew or eat?

You may not realize the number of plastic items that can be found in many families every day! Here are some plastics that dogs usually like to chew.

Jar of milk
Plastic bag
Children’s game
Chew dog toy
Candy / Food packaging
Baby bottle
Bottle stopper
a water bottle
Plastic development

Ball c – ball wiffle
Bird record
Plastic parts of dog boxes
Bottles of shampoo or conditioner
Tennis shoes and sandals
Pads / buffers application
Brick building
Dog food dishes
Food containers
Many of us have these items at our fingertips almost all the time. Thus, it is not just possible to completely get rid of plastic in your home.

Do not worry anyway! Read on to learn some tips to keep your dog from eating plastic and other strange things!

What happens after my dog ​​has eaten plastic?
What types of plastic objects do dogs chew?

Depending on the type of plastic consumed by the dog, the situation may be relatively urgent or may quickly turn into a matter of time.

Small plastic items, such as plastic candy wrappers or soda capsules without sharp edges, can pass through the gastrointestinal tract of the dog with irritation or no irritation.

He will continue to eat and act normally.

You may not notice that your dog has swallowed plastic before seeing the body in his stool.

However, when a dog eats plastic (soft or hard) and begins to choke, has a pain in the abdomen, or starts to vomit and / or suffers from constipation or diarrhea, it is a medical emergency.

The swallowed plastic body that can not be passed smoothly has the potential to cause one of the following health risks in the dog.

A soft or hard plastic object can cause the choking of a dog trying to swallow this object.

Any foreign body can create a blockage in the dog’s digestive tract, causing it to vomit when trying to eat or drink and / or its inability to eliminate natural stool.

A sharp plastic object can damage the digestive system as it moves.

Some things, if they are big enough and sharp enough, can even pierce a lung or other limb.

Therefore, the ingestion of any foreign body has potential for surgery.

Even if you do not see your dog eating a plastic object, if he is unable to keep food and water to a minimum, his condition will deteriorate rapidly.

Transfer it to your veterinarian for evaluation and X-ray to determine the cause of his symptoms as soon as possible.

So what if, for example, your dog eats plastic bags? We will talk about what to do based on your dog’s symptoms in the next section.

My dog ​​has swallowed plastic – what should I do?
Your dog has found something more creative to eat … Who is the father of a parent who should do it now?

As we mentioned earlier, what happens if a dog eats a plastic bag or a dog eats a plastic toy?

This varies depending on the size and shape of the body, its lightness or difficulty in passing it through the dog’s digestive tract.

If your dog is eating plastic, even if it is a small amount, the general rule is to always train your veterinarian, regardless of his position.

This way, your vet will already know what happens if the situation gets worse.

Some veterinarians even recommend a hospital dog so that they can track the offending object with x-rays.

They may try to use the swallow barium until the dog passes the object during defecation.

If the body does not move and / or the dog begins to vomit, the veterinarian can take him to surgery.

We recommend that you consult your veterinarian before taking any action, even if your dog has swallowed something that is relatively simple and not likely to cause harm.

The timing is all about the ingestion of extraterrestrial objects. Bowel obstruction can cut blood supply to affected organs within hours.

Also, do not throw up your dog without the instructions or advice of your veterinarian.

My dog ​​has eaten plastic – it’s time for work!

If your dog has a plastic object but does not seem to be in distress, we recommend that you take the following steps in the coming days. It may take a long time for your dog to pass the object normally.

Immediately after the accident, call your veterinarian to find out if there is a recommended treatment plan.

If you are worried about UFO constipation, give your dog some natural yoghurt or pumpkin puree to help relieve his excrement.

Make sure your dog continues to eat and drink normally. If you stop

If you become numb, it is likely that you are in pain.

Watch for signs of gastrointestinal distress or abnormal habits in the bathroom. Not wanting to eat or drink, as well as the appearance of diarrhea or constipation, indicate a visit to the veterinarian.

My dog has eaten plastic – how can I stop doing it again?
You and your dog may have had a painful experience of surgically removing a large plastic object from your dog’s digestive system.

Or maybe you have found a pile of interesting stools containing a small plastic body.

5 bizarre things eaten by dogs

How can you prevent such a fear from happening again?

Depending on what your dog has got, here are some steps to follow.

Your puppy is bored and found something to Chew (like a bottle of shampoo or other plastic cosmetics) that are not necessarily “hanging out?”

Buy her tender games if she does not already have them. If he is strong, make sure the games are not destructible.

Has your dog found an empty or half-empty container of the remaining food? Be sure to clean all dishes that will not be placed in the closet, refrigerator or dishwasher.

Is your dog a “garbage driver” who likes to go in the trash (and find a plastic body there)? Get the trash that has a lock cap or is not accessible.

Does your dog suffer from chewing or suppressive behavior?

You may need training to relieve the pressure that triggers your anxiety behavior.

No matter why your dog chews or eats a piece of plastic or something weird, you can train him to take non-food items that are not his toys.

My dog ​​has swallowed plastic, what should I do? Dog Health Guide
My dog ​​ate the plastic
When a dog swallows a plastic object, small or large, it can become seriously ill in a few hours or days.

Some objects can be passed easily, some objects can pass but not without damage inside the dog’s intestines, some objects stop all about the transition, period.

Even if you eat a small plastic dog, it is best to consult your veterinarian before taking any further action.

The dog can pass a small piece of plastic by himself, without any change in his overall battle.

However, it takes a few days before a food particle or foreign body has gone from ingestion to defecation.

You may think that your dog is fine at first, but he must be caught off guard when he gets sick within 24 to 48 hours.

When your dog gets sick, it is best to take immediate action to ensure the best possible result.

Tear the stomach of a sharp plastic body do not sneeze!

If you have problems chewing your dog or eating inappropriately, you may need to determine the root cause of your behavior before you can completely eliminate the problem.

Although you can do your best to put potentially dangerous objects out of your dog’s reach, you can find the puppy designer wanting to do something else to relieve stress.

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