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How To Get Passport For Your Dog

Pet passport and other documents for your dog

You need a pet passport for your dog, if they’ll be travelling:
to the united kingdom from an EU country, or another country the UK accepts pet passports from the united kingdom to a listed or unlisted country and so returning to the united kingdom – you can not try this once your pet’s zoonotic disease vaccination has invalid
If the united kingdom leaves the EU while not a deal, after 29 March 2019 the rules for travelling to EU countries with your pet will change. You should begin the method a minimum of four months before you travel.
If they’re returning from a listed or unlisted country, you need a third-country official veterinary certificate if they do not have a pet passport.
You must bring originals of all of your pet’s documents, not photocopies.

Getting a pet passport for your dog

Pet passports list the different treatments your dog has had.
You can get one from bound vets in EU countries, and other countries the UK accepts pet passports from. If your vet doesn’t issue dog passports, ask them for the nearest that does, or contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency.
You’ll need to take your dog, its identity and vaccination records and any rabies blood test results (if you have them) when you get a pet passport.
The dog passport is only valid if you meet the entry requirements. You do not ought to get a brand new vogue passport (issued from 29 Dec 2014) till all the treatment areas square measure full.
You should travel with previous pet passports in some cases, for example if your dog has had a blood test. Ask your vet if you think this applies to your dog.
Only vets in countries that the UK accepts dogs passports from can enter information into the pet passport (except for tapeworm treatments).

Before you travel with your dog

Check that the vet has crammed within the following sections within the pet passport:
details of possession – you need to sign section I if your pet passport was issued on or once 29 Dec 2014
description of animal
marking or identification of animal
vaccination against rabies
rabies blood test (if needed)
details of the vet provision the passport (for passports issued from 29 Dec 2014)
your dog’s tapeworm treatment (if needed)
Third-country official veterinary certificate
To enter or come to the EU from listed or unlisted countries you would like either:
a third-country official veterinary certificate and the other documents listed on that
a pet passport if your dog was given it before leaving the EU
When you can use a certificate
Your dog must arrive in an EU country within 10 days of the certificate being issued. It’s valid for four months for any travel among the EU.
You should get the person who checks your dog when you arrive in the EU to sign and stamp the certificate.

When you can use a pet passport for your dog

You do not need a third-country official veterinary certificate if your dog was issued with a pet passport before leaving the EU and the treatments are still valid. Any booster vaccinations or blood tests disbursed from outside the EU should be recorded on a third-country official veterinary certificate.
Exchanging the certificate for a pet passport for your dog
You can exchange the certificate for an EU dog passport if:
it expires while your dog is in the EU
your pet desires a zoonosis booster vaccination whereas it’s within the EU
you want to stay traveling among the EU once the certificate has invalid
You’ll have to show the vet:
the certificate
your dog identity and vaccination record
the blood test results (if needed)

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