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Best GPS pet tracker

Findster is the first GPS Pet Tracker free of Monthly Fees for dogs and cats!
Attach it to your pet’s collar and track their activity and placement on your phone in period of time. Smart. Connected. Fun.
In addition to the acquisition value and activation fee, most GPS Pet trackers need a subscription. This is particularly pricey if you have got many pets, as a personal subscription is needed for every device.

How exactly does Findster Duo+ work?
maze technology
There area unit a pair of modules, one for your furred friend and another for you. Using our MAZE technology, they will communicate wirelessly in a very radius of up to three miles (4.8 km).
findster duo app
Using the Findster App, you can check your pet’s location in real time without the need for cell coverage or any monthly fees.
findster duo dog tracker
Findster Duo+ works anyplace – thus whether or not you’re taking your pet on a fast walk or exploring no man’s land, it’s your buddy’s ideal companion!
Range Performance
Findster Duo+ permits you to trace your pet in AN calculable vary up to to three miles (4.8 km). However, might|this can} depend upon your surroundings – key factors just like the physical setting or the weather may influence the modules’ association and GPS accuracy.
Due to this, in most cases, you’ll expect a minimum of zero.5 mi (0.8 km) in engorged urban areas – however in open outside environments, you’ll even surpass the 3 miles estimate! (for reference, this vary record is ten miles!)
findster duo+ range
Technical Specifications
findster duo+ technical specifications
0.74 oz (21 grams)
Tougher than your old Nokia 3310
Immersion up to 3 ft (1 m) depth
Rechargeable battery
Up to seven days (depending on use case) ?
Communication range
Up to 3 miles (4.8 km)
High precision GPS
Average error: 5 – 10 ft (1.5 – 3 m)
Night mode included
Smartphone APP
iPhone 5+
iOS 9+
Android 5.0+

Find the store here findster store

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