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10 things makes you know that are doggie doors a good idea

Are doors a good idea? Of course of course! Pet doors are an excellent way to get a happy and healthy puppy. There are so many options, how would someone choose? The first step is to separate the facts of the mascot door from the fiction. Pet door experts got together to discuss the top 10 myths of pet doors!

1: All the paintings are the same.

Replacement panels for pets, which vary according to weather, electronic preferences and economic choice.

Wrong! The doors for pets are theoretically similar, but different doors are set for specific purposes. Climate, electronic preferences and economic choices are determining factors.

Weatherproof panels tend to be slightly heavy. For pets, electronic doors are made of acrylic plastic. These paintings are the size of small dogs and cats. Automatic doors for pets that opened when reading the sign of the key of the collar in Plexiglas panels and larger animals. Make sure you prioritize your needs according to your animals until you are happy.

2: the breeds have a standard size

Wrong! Measuring your pet is necessary for all breeds. While your pet may seem average in size, you should always show the tape measure!

It is important to make sure that your four-legged friend arrives at your door, since it is used every day. It is recommended to measure your pet on the animal’s shoulder and top door less than an inch above its back to ensure a comfortable pace.

With this in mind, also check the width of the flap, avoid standing with your pet. A good trick of the house to break into the box and serve as a guide. Another element to consider is. This is the space between the floor and the door of your pet. The choice must be taken into account when choosing the size of the shutter. For more information, see the guide How to measure your animal with a featured video.

3: The doors for pets are made only for doors

Juvenile, black, laboratory, too, bull, mastiff, prick, head, out, because, hold, shutter, thermos, window, dog, door, valve
Wrong! As each animal is different, each house is different too. Pet doors are now installed in several areas of the house. In addition to doors and walls, doors for dogs and cats can be installed in windows, screens, cabinets or in the sandbox, storm doors and even cabinets. Because there are many places in the house, many doors are suitable for the lifestyle of your puppy. The options for sliding glass doors and windows are excellent if you rent your house and can not do panties anywhere.

Most pet owners have chosen to cut a hole in a wall instead of adapting it to their doors. Wall brackets are perfect, you can remove the animal door and correct the wall if there ever is! The door installations prevent the reuse of the pet’s door. Uppercase letters allow you to choose from several locations in the home. The Bab Door Garage Door installations are on the rise and allow you to let the cat or dog enter the garage for a later shelter, but not to the house.

4: Adults crawl through animal doors to enter.

Maybe … if you’re worried about securing your dog or cat’s door, even having a back door with a dog door can be a difficult decision. Although electronic doors can be a solution to this potential problem, just using a collar wrench may not be the ideal situation for you or your pet. Small doors for dogs can be large enough for an average person to tighten their head without a lid.
The pet door lid is firmly attached to the internal frame and allows the animals to come out of their heads and crawl.
This person also runs the risk of meeting his protective puppy! Freaks probably fear a house that has a large pet door because they do not know how to be a good dog on the other side. If you are worried about your intrusion while your dog and you are away, you can also invest in an additional protective cover for your favorite door. This can cover the door of a dog or cat that sneezes at home. Dog guard covers can give you a good anti-theft door.

While most pets prevent adults from entering the home, some children have forgotten the key to their home and can crawl. On the other hand, electronic doors are an excellent way to prevent children or young children from leaving or leaving the house. The pet’s door can be secured by unwanted people, but it can also serve as an additional entrance for your loved ones. Therefore, pet doors are safe, and in general yes, but it is up to you to use good judgment and take precautions if necessary.

5: the cover of my lock can be opened from the outside

Wrong! To facilitate thinking of animals entering the door / wall or of thieves in the home, manual or non-electronic pet doors, the locks can serve as a barrier for thieves. A lock cover should be placed inside the house where access is controlled. Padlocks are specially designed for your door. Therefore, there are several types. However, most of them are made of steel or hard plastic. These covers have no tabs or small openings for anyone, or anything that can be opened from the outside. Many blankets have skates or decorative locks to prevent them from coming off. If the cover of your lock is interesting, check the DoorDog Steel security door cover for maximum security.

6: Pet doors give my pets a headaches

Australian Sheppard crosses the comic door for wall mounting with an Endura flap
Wrong! To measure the size of the animal’s door, we measure the animal’s feet up to the shoulder. In fact, cats and dogs tend to duck their heads when they enter through the door of an animal. It may seem like a headache because our animals will turn upside down and stumble on the door.

Dog door screens are usually made of soft vinyl that easily passes over the body of the dog. On the other hand, cat plates tend to be slightly translucent acrylics that move like a cat. Thanks to a light and flexible material, the four friends do not seem to have legs!

Professional advice: When your dog first trains at your dog’s door, he is likely to use the door when he sees that his head is being pierced first.

7 Legend: the tables are interchangeable if they are the same size

Wrong! Sometimes the frame of the animal’s door is perfect, but floating? Not as much As there are many paintings in the market, some of them have a similar size. This does not mean that the panels can be installed on any door. Pet paints are not interchangeable, this is true for all doors.

Cutting the personalized plates is not an ideal situation either, although it may be possible. It can be difficult to install a panel in an unknown frame. In addition to the challenge, it is possible that the card is not recorded correctly in the wrong frame, since the door magnet can be placed in a place that does not correspond to that of the tablet.

8: The pet door can be installed on any door

Almost … there are pet doors made for the doors and there are some for the walls. Although doors for pets can be made for doors, this does not mean that all doors are suitable for use. To be installed, pet doors require certain parameters.

Some important requirements for the installation of the pet door To verify the thickness of the door, you should always make sure that the material is strong enough to hold the pet door. Non-configurable pet doors will require additional steps during installation if installed through hollow doors. Be sure to check the specifications of the pet door you are looking for to make sure it is suitable for your home.

9 :My dog ​​will not be able to push the door

Chnauzer mix mutt waits with a net schnauzer to enter the original back door, ideal for a door for dogs
Sometimes! This is a common concern with small animals and goes hand in hand with training. The new pet door can be confusing for your dog, but that does not mean you will never make it. Small animals may feel that their new door is overwhelming and they have difficulty surviving. It is a good idea to try to buy a smaller flap in relation to the size of your pet. Largest mascot door, cut heavier. If you have pets of all sizes, try looking for adjustable magnetic plates. Magnets are one of the main characteristics that increase the weight of a shutter. Reducing or modifying your magnets may allow your pet to do enough tricks to play outside too! There are also automatic doors for pets, which do not require anything for your pets.

For the first time, for users of pet doors, it is essential to get used to the touch of shutters. We recommend opening the animal’s door from outside with a treatment to identify its abilities. Another trick to use is to slowly flap over your pet’s body so that he feels comfortable touching it. The comfort level of each animal varies. The practice is perfect, so be patient with your pet and you will soon gain their trust.

10: Pets will increase their energy bills

Wrong! With the freedom of new pets, they can run around the house more often. Having a pet door can allow outside air to enter the house, and if you are in a severe climate, it is not good news. To reduce your energy bills, be sure to look for pet doors with strong magnetic force. The magnets on the bottom and on the sides ensure a fast and narrow closing.

Dogs and electronic dog doors are a good choice, as they generally create a more weather-resistant seal than a traditional dog door when not in use. It helps reduce heating and air conditioning bills.

You will not be afraid to distort the image when you open your pet. You will not have to pay extra for your pet’s playing time! Remember that the size of the opening and closing of the animal door is smaller than opening the entire “people door” and closing it when the dog wants it!

10 data from the puppy door you have no ideas

Small happy poodles entering the house from the wall through the pet door mounted on the pet door

Doors for dogs simplify the life of man’s best friend. The installation of a pet door at home can facilitate the entry and exit of the dog. He does not need your help to avoid barking and scratching during unsuitable hours of the day and night.

Doors for dogs are more than just the traditional plastic panel on the back door. These ten facts about dog doors offer startling revelations about this important element of pet ownership:

It is attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, famous all over the world, the inventor of the first cat’s fin. Actually, it is designed with a cat in mind. Newton called his creation “Cat Flap”.
The dog’s electronic door opens or opens when it detects a magnetic sensor on the dog’s collar. This feature prevents all other stray animals from entering your home. There are also chip versions, where the panel will open for the programmed chips.
Glass doors can be installed on sliding patio doors. The different types include a single pane glass panel, a double pane glass panel and a special plate.
Direct sunlight can distort the plastic doors and disappear with time. For this reason, it is better to install the plastic panel on the side of the house in the shade of the sun.
Most patio doors have a simple bear lock that you can use to connect the sliding patio door to the pet door.
The rounded edges help your dog through the doors of your pet more easily. Square edges can cause some large dogs to stumble at the corners.
What you think you may know may not be correct … Comment below if you have any other information about the pet doors or if you want to know more.

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